Simple And Commonly Overlooked Overhead Door And Garage Door Repair Fixes

“If your garage door won’t open or close, don’t panic, it may be a simple fix. Here is a checklist you can use before you give Southern Home Creations a call for garage door repair or to check your garage door or opener.”

1) Is the opener plugged in?

2) Remote controls run off batteries so replace the battery and see if that fixes the problem.

3)Reset the remote-It may have become deprogrammed and you will have to reset it.

4)Lock Feature- Most newer model garage door openers have a security lock feature that might have been turned on so make sure your wall button is not flashing.

These are some common problems that our customers have so we like for them to use the above checklist before spending calling us or someone else and spending money on service calls.  If you still have problems please contact Southern Home Creations at 770-831-0301.



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