What Do Garage Door Cables Do?

Garage door cables are used to connect the spring system and the door.

There are two types of garage door spring systems: the first uses a Torsion spring and the second uses an Extension spring.

The springs in a torsion system are mounted on the wall above the doors with a metal bar passing through them and one cable each.

There are two cables per side in an extension system. The spring is passed through one cable, and the other lifts it. The pulley transfers the lifting force from an opener to the door.

Are There Different Cables For Different Garage Spring Systems?

Replacement cables can be found depending on the size of your door and its design. If you are unable to find the exact cable locally, look online. You should not use any cable that is not specifically designed for your system.

Garage Door Cable and Pulley Replacement Kit: 2 Pairs of Galvanized Aircraft cables – 3/32″ and 1//8″ Diameter, 2 Heavy Duty 3″ Sheaves, and 10 Fasteners to Overhead Sectional Garage Doors

How Do You Know If Your Cable Is Broken?

A garage door cable Gwinnett Country GA breaking is a common occurrence. If your garage door opener doesn’t operate, it could be that the spring is broken or the cable has. A loose lifting cable is a tell-tale sign. The door’s movement will often cause the cable to be wrapped around something.

How Do I Know If I Need A Professional?

You can probably replace your cable yourself if you’re handy, have the skills to do it yourself, or are just looking for a challenge, similar to garage door repair. If you are not comfortable with tools or feel uncomfortable trying to do the job yourself, contact a professional. The process isn’t difficult, but it can be dangerous.

So How Much Of This Project Can I Do?

If you’ve done successful home improvements in the past, it should not be difficult to replace broken garage door cables. You only need a few basic tools and knowledge to complete the job. In just a couple of hours, you can diagnose, remove, and replace the cable.

Pro Tip: While you might only have one damaged cable, it is a smart idea to replace it altogether. Because the cables are likely to be of the same age, probably, the other cables will also fail shortly. By replacing the old, unbroken cable, they will all be the same age. This eliminates surprises shortly.

How to Replace Garage Door Cables

There will be either one or two cables depending on which garage door you have. As mentioned previously, the first step to removing or replacing the cable is to identify which type of garage door you have.

One or two large springs will be located on the bar parallel to the door. An extension design, which is the most popular, will have the springs running parallel to the tracks and perpendicular to the door.

How to Replace a Torsion Spring Lifting Cable

Step 1: Safety measures

Safety is the most important consideration in any home improvement project. This is especially true for garage doors.

It is always a good idea to have assistance on hand when you are dealing with something as heavy as garage doors. This type of project requires safety precautions such as gloves and eye protection.

Step 2: Remove the cables

Next, you will need to open the door as far and as wide as it will allow. Then, place a step ladder underneath the door. Two pairs of locking pliers, or C-clamps, should be taken and locked onto the track under the last roller. This will prevent the door from opening unintentionally.

Find the side with the broken cable, and work your way up. A winding drum will be found on each side of the door at the upper corners. You will likely find any remaining cable here. Locate the end of the cable in the drum at the drum’s outer edge.

Take care to unwind the cable. The cable’s other end will be looped around the pin on the bottom, just below the outer edge. Take the cable off the pin.

Step 3: Install new cables

Now it is time to install your new cable. The cable you receive should exactly match the original. If the new cable looks different, it’s likely you are using an incorrect cable. Do not proceed if you have the wrong cable.

If the cable looks good, find the end without the loop. Then place it in the drum’s notch. Use the grooves in your drum to guide the cable during garage door repair. Continue winding the cable until you have enough material to reattach the pin on the bottom of the door.

Slide the looped cable end onto the pin. Now you can remove the ladder and clamps to test the operation. You won’t have to worry if there are small gaps between the cable winds and the drum. After a few cycles, the cable will align into the drum grooves.


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