Winter Means Broken Springs For Atlanta Homeowners

Now that winter weather has arrived in the Atlanta area, it has become a busy time for Southern Home Creations with the replacement of broken garage door tension springs. Just like your body aches when it gets cold, your garage door is affected by cold weather as well.  If your garage door rollers, hinges, and garage door springs are not properly maintained every year, the cold weather could cause you to run into unexpected problems. 

For optimal performance and peace of mind, we suggest scheduling garage door repair as part of our maintenance program at Southern Home Creations, ensuring your door remains in top condition throughout the year. We will come out every six months to make sure your door is working properly.  We offer a guarantee that if your door spring breaks while under our service agreement, there will be no charge for any materials needed for repair, That’s a promise.  

We offer a service to maintain your garage door opener as well. For an additional $19.99 per year, we will come out and service your garage door opener and perform all safety checks to make sure the opener is operating the way it should by checking the sensitivity settings, and reverse settings and making sure the gears are properly lubed for smooth operation. 

Call Southern Home Creations to set up your service program today! Call now at 770-831-0301.



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